Protecting the Black Sea - Georgian S.S.R. Gravel Coast


  • Vsevelod P. Zenkovich
  • Maurice L. Schwartz


Artificial nourishment, beach restoration, Black Sea, coastal engineering, coastal protection, Georgian S. S. R., gravel beaches, sediment budget, shore drift, Soviet Union


The gravel beaches of the western Georgian S.S.R. coast have long been undergoing severe erosion. Construction of passive concrete structures had seriously depleted the sediment supply. Following local sediment budget studies and a review of beach replenishment techniques employed around the world, artificial nourishment was successfully employed by trucking in gravel or by depositing gravel on the nearshore bottom from self-unloading barges. Beaches in the northern Paou-Cape Pitsunda and southern Batumi regions have been restored in this manner and their case histories are outlined here.

Author Biographies

Vsevelod P. Zenkovich

Maurice L. Schwartz