Beach Erosion and Accretion in Relation to Seasonal Longshore Current Variation in the Northern Kerala Coast, India


  • M. Samsuddin
  • G.K. Suchindan


Erosion, accretion, longshore current, premonsoon, transitional, monsoon, postmonsoon


A one-year set of beach profile and longshore current data measured bimonthly were analysed to understand the relationship of the longshore current to the beach erosion and accretion phenomena in the northern Kerala coast. The study indicated that the longshore current activity can be linked with the following erosional and accretional phases: (1) a depositional phase dominated by a northerly current; (2) a transitional phase with perceptible erosion showing reversal in current direction; and (3) an erosional phase dominated by a southerly current. The intensity of the longshore current and the rates of erosion and accretion are directly related.

Author Biographies

M. Samsuddin

G.K. Suchindan