Effect of Typhoon No. 8114 on Coastal Morphology and Sedimentation of Jiangsu Province, People's Republic of China


  • Ren Mei-e
  • Zhang Ren-shun
  • Yang Ju-hai


Coastal erosion, coastal morphology, flood currents, sedimentation, tidal flats, typhoon deposits, typhoon, Yellow River,



The great impact of storms on coastal morphology and sedimentation is well known. This paper presents results of a case study of the effect of No, 14 typhoon (typhoon 8114), 1981, on the mud plain coast of Jiangsu Province. People's Republic of China. The coast of Jiangsu Province, about 1,000 km long, is situated on the north side of the Yangtze estuary. It was formed by fluvial-marine sediments from the Yangtze and the Yellow River (Huang He) when the latter shifted its mouth southward and entered the Yellow Sea through northern Jiangsu between 1128-1855 A.D.