• Tom Anderson (ed) Florida State University


art for life, art education, art therapy, social justice


This is the first issue of The Journal of Art for Life to be published as strictly an on-line publication. While there is something to be said for hard copy (the smell of fresh printers’ ink, the texture of paper, the turning of the page), there’s also much to be said for digital communications (the fact that volumes and issues can be flexible in length, the instantaneous publication of a finished paper, the potentially vast audience of Internet readers, and the price, not to mention the trees we are saving, which are thus available for all to hug). Inherent, too, in digital  publications is the potential for creative use of the cyber-space strategies such as hyperlinks to video and other resources not conducive to hard copy. We are particularly looking forward in the future to exploring those creative digital spaces. As with all previous issues, this issue of JAfL is available online, free and open access through the support of Florida State University Library’s Diginole System). Also contact us by email if you want a hard copy of this issue or previous issues, which we have in limited numbers. Starting with this volume of JAfL and all succeeding issues, we will be available only online through Diginole at http://diginole.lib.fsu.edu/jafl/.