Waging Peace: A Curatorial Community Collaboration


  • Jennifer E. Hamrock Georgia State University
  • Viki Wylder Florida State University
  • Anna Freeman Florida State University
  • Marcia Meale Conley Elementary School, Tallahassee, FL


collaboration, art, community, art museum


This paper showcases a collaborative community project involving an art museum, local schools, and public community spaces around the theme Waging Peace.  The implementation involved various extensions into curating not only an art exhibition, but included k-12 lessons and art activities, workshops, artist talks, and field trips.  In describing the project, the authors note emerging themes that played an important role both in the impact of the project and participation.

Author Biographies

Jennifer E. Hamrock, Georgia State University

Formerly a high school art teacher in North Carolina, Jennifer received her PhD from Florida State University in Art Education.  She is currently a lecturer in Art Education in the Welch School of Art and Design at Georgia State University.  Research interests include arts-based research, art teacher professional development, intersections between art education and art therapy, and community art engagement.

Viki Wylder, Florida State University

Viki was the Curator of Education Emerita at the Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts and the Tallahassee Artists’ League Liaison.  She received her PhD in the Humanities from Florida State University. Serving in the museum educator program for over twenty years, Waging Peace is one of five collaborative curatorial exhibitions with local educators.    

Anna Freeman, Florida State University

Anna Freeman graduated from Florida State University in 2018 with a Master of Arts in Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies. Anna is currently a research assistant for the Waging Peace project.  During her studies at FSU, Anna participated as a research assistant in Dr. Lauren Wiengarden’s Installation Art and Neuroscience Research Project, and was a meta-data assistant for Dr. Paul Niell’s Caribes: Virtual Research Interface for Caribbean Architecture and Cultural Landscapes. Her study interests include art museum education, art museum history, and Post World War II French art.

Marcia Meale, Conley Elementary School, Tallahassee, FL

Marica Meale is a National Board Certified K-5 art teacher in Leon County.  She received her Ph.D. In 2005 in art education and has taught art for over 30 years. Teaching the purposes of art and big ideas are an important part of her art program.


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Special Issue: Social Justice 2018