Two New Species of <i>Coleophora</i> from the New World, with Record of a New Hostplant Family for Coleophorines (Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae: Coleophorinae).


  • J. F. Landry


Amazonas, biology, Brazil, Coleophora xyridella n. sp., Coleophora cisoriella n. sp., Florida, Goias, hostplants, Louisiana, Minas Gerais, Mississippi, Nearctic, South Carolina, taxonomy, USA, Xyridaceae


Coleophora xyridella n. sp. is described from specimens from Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and South Carolina. Four Mississippi specimens were reared from larval cases found on seed heads of Xyris sp. (Xyridaceae), which represent a new hostplant family for Coleophorine larvae. This new species is superficially similar to the widespread C. cratipennella both as adult and as larval case but differs markedly in male and female genitalia. The papillae anales are extraordinarily elongate and sclerotized, protruding characteristically from the abdomen of undissected females. Coleophora xyridella belongs to the caespititiella species group based on the presence of a strengthening carina on the female tergum VIII, and the monocot seed-feeding habits of the larva. Coleophora cisoriella n. sp. is described from Brazil (Minas Gerais). It is closely related to C. xyridella in the structures of the male and female genitalia and thus presumed to belong to the same species group. Its host- plant is unknown but it is presumed to be seeds of a monocot.