Relative Growth and Distribution of Florida's European Born


  • Morton D Winsberg


Florida's fame as an immigrant state rests largely on the fact that in the past twenty-five years it has absorbed hundreds of thousands from the Caribbean, particularly Cuba. Few are aware that coincident with the Caribbean migration there was a quickening of the flow of the European born into the state. Whereas in 1950 there were only 75,123 residents of the state born in Europe, in 1980 their numbers had risen to 309,362. The European born constituted 3.1 percent of the state’s population in 1980, which was larger than the percentage that European born constituted of the population of the United States as a whole, 2.3 percent. Unlike the majority of immigrants who arrived from the Caribbean to live in Florida, most of the European born did not come directly to the state from their homelands. A large share spent their productive years in northern states, or Canada, but chose to retire to Florida.