The Great American Wetland


  • Christopher F Meindl


Unfortunately, there are no comprehensive historical geographies of the Great American Wetland, Florida's Everglades (Fig. 1). Of all the famous wetland systems across the nation such as the Dismal Swamp along the Virginia-North Carolina border, the Prairie Pothole Region of the Upper Midwest, Georgia's Okeefenokee Swamp, or Louisiana's famous bayous to name only a few-Florida's Everglades are perhaps most deserving of the title Great American Wetland. Size, proximity to a major population concentration, and popular image certainly make the Everglades (or simply "Glades") a contender for such a title. Furthermore, what happens to this extensive area of wetlands next to a densely settled portion of the country's fourth most populous state is likely to have a profound effect on similar areas throughout the nation.