Protecting Cape Coral's Burrowing Owl Population


  • Jason D. Self Arkansas State University
  • Herbert Stroud University of Arkansas


Burrowing owl, Endangered species --Florida, Wildlife conservation, Insecticides --Environmental aspects, Droughts --Florida, Florida. Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission --Rules and practice, Administrative procedure --Florida


Across the peninsula of South Florida, people from all walks of life have come to catch a glimpse of a peculiar bird, an owl that makes its home in burrows rather than trees. The owl does not have the majesty of our national symbol, the bald eagle, nor does the owl offer the benefits of game opportunity such as ducks or geese. So, why are bird watchers so interested in this species? One important reason is because people want to see the burrowing owl before they have completely disappeared. Land alterations of various kinds have devastated the bird's natural habitat, and, unless corrective measures are taken, the bird's continued existence will be threatened. As one would expect, loss of habitat is the number one cause of species extinction in the world (Freely, 2004).