From Colonialism to Neoliberalism: The Co‑production of Poverty and Environmental Degradation in Haiti


  • Arielle Augustin Florida Atlantic University Digital Library


The purpose of this research paper was to make an apparent connection between the current
environmental degradation of Haiti and its long history of slavery, poverty, gender inequality,
political insecurity, and economic repression. The text begins by explaining colonization and
slavery’s role in setting up agriculture as the driving force of the nation’s economy, then goes to
demonstrate how this form of agriculture has proven to have lasting effects on the health of the
environment, citizens, particularly female farmers, and Haiti’s position in the globalized market.
In order to support the arguments presented, research was conducted using a variety of books
and articles focusing specifically on Haiti, Haitian women, its environmental and social issues,
and the economic state of Caribbean countries. The author proposes an increase in environmental
education and government support and the incorporation of modern and sustainable technology
to improve Haiti’s worsening economic and social conditions.