Manifestations of Faith in Southern Literature


  • Daniella Hernandez Florida Atlantic University
  • Charlie Gleek Florida Atlantic University


The word “south” in American southern literature is often excluded into a common definition and heavily stigmatized. Many writers suggest that it is time to remove the imaginary borders and stigmas encompassing the South, such as those attached to slavery, the civil war, and religious devotion. One such border is the generalization that it is possessed by a singular faith, namely a protestant centered faith. This stagnant faith hanging over the South is conflicted by the variety of faith found in contemporary southern fictional literature. This research elaborates on the definition of the South by introducing a new perspective of faith presented in American southern fiction. Particularly, this research analyzes how three short stories represent multiple versions of faith through the narration, character actions, and literary language used. The representations of faith outlined in this essay include faith in physical works, in the inherent goodness of humanity, and in personal redemption.