A Concern for the Teaching Profession: Impacts of Demoralization


  • Catalina Sampayo Florida Atlantic University
  • Kevin Leichtman Florida Atlantic University


Within the United States public education system, many teachers encounter feelings of demoralization. They feel they can no longer access the inherent moral benefits that initially drew them to have the desire to teach in the first place. This study examined the contributing factors that cause demoralization feelings amongst public educators and the long-term implications for the institution and the students it serves. Factors such as the teaching environment, administrative support, and state-mandated curriculum and testing contribute to a loss of control and ability to serve their students and community best. Analysis of a teacher’s anecdote indicates dissatisfaction with the profession due to demoralization. A demoralizing teaching environment can cause teachers to leave the profession as a whole. Departure from a career as an educator damages the teacher and negatively affects the students and districts that must fill vacant classroom teaching positions. Analysis of literature creates recommendations for further research and open dialogue between teachers, colleagues, and supervisors.