Participant Bar Theory: A New Syntax Theory


  • Daniel M. Packer
  • Michael Hamilton


I endeavor to introduce, justify, and ultimately persuade for acceptance of a new syntax theory titled “Participant Bar Theory.” In order to understand the purpose of Participant Bar Theory, it is essential to have an understanding of the inherent issues of X-bar Theory. Also, an introductory-level understanding of the morphology and syntax of simple present tense and simple past tense of Welsh will serve the reader well, for Welsh will be the language with which I will defend Participant Bar Theory. This paper will also introduce a new term, which I have coined as “syntantics,” a blending of “syntax” and “semantics,” for the purpose of rationalizing Participant Bar Theory. This paper will show two syntantic trees (Figures 8 and 9) that illustrate the past tense. The tree for the present tense is currently being developed. This paper is merely a glimpse into the development of Participant Bar Theory as well as a catalyst for further investigation of this alternative syntactic theory.