Mathematical Models for MC and MTD Chemotherapy


  • Dakota Merchant
  • Bianca Bratkon
  • Mesgana Hawando
  • Brian Labarre
  • Jared Miller
  • Necibe Tuncer


mathematical models, Metronomic and Maximum Tolerated Dose Chemotherapy, cancer treatments,


The goal of the project is to construct a mathematical model for Metronomic and Maximum Tolerated Dose Chemotherapy that will optimize the efficacy and reduce the toxicity of the treatment. In doing so, we allowed for a variety of treatment protocols. We studied variables such as dose schedule, compartmental models of varying state variable amounts, and tumor density. All results have been reported. It is of note that negative results are viewed as successes, as they allow future experiments to streamline testing. In an effort to easily display our data, we included each of the tested mathematical equations and models with their corresponding graphs of results when applicable.