A Discussion on Synesthesia


  • Dakota Merchant
  • Sang Hong


synesthesia, sensory disorders, senses,


Synesthesia is a rare condition in which different sensory modalities pair during the perceptual process. Grapheme-color is the most commonly seen type of synesthesia where a color is perceived when viewing a letter or number. For many years synesthesia was not widely researched due to the rarity of the condition, about 1 in 2000 people in the population are affected, and there not being enough tangible scientific evidence to determine whether synesthesia was real. Once researchers determined synesthesia was a real condition there was a need for tests and criteria to be developed that could be used to determine whether a person had synesthesia versus hallucinations as a byproduct of a different disorder. Current research on synesthesia has been able to show the genetics of the condition along with the many different ways synesthesia can be presented.