Cheating Mitigation in Online Assessment


  • Dr. Ahmed Elkhatat Department of Chemical Engineering, College of engineering, Qatar University
  • Khaled Elsaid Texas A&M University at Qatar, Chemical Engineering Program, P.O. 23874, Doha, Qatar
  • Saeed Almeer Qatar University, Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences, P.O. 2713, Doha, Qatar



Since the early spring of 2020, the pandemic (CoVID-19) outbreak has hindered on-campus attendance, and most institutes were forced to migrate from conventional face-to-face teaching to an online/remote approach. The efficiency of online assessment depends on numerous factors, including validity, reliability, and students' honesty. It is believed that the absence of face-to-face proctoring raises concerns about conducting cheating in online assessment. The focus of the present tips is on the mitigation of cheating attempts.

Author Biography

Dr. Ahmed Elkhatat, Department of Chemical Engineering, College of engineering, Qatar University

Ahmed Elkhatat is a PhD qualified and experienced in the entire spectrum of activities associated with an academic position of chemical engineering at Qatar University. Track record of patents in engineering and research in chemical analyses of environmental samples and the development of novel nanomaterials, with associated production of peer-reviewed publications, and a book. Active in teaching and laboratory instruction, the management of laboratory infrastructure to accommodate multiple needs, and the wider functioning of the Department including student pastoral care. Reviews for prestigious scientific journals and keeps abreast of the latest teaching and engineering technologies. Extra-mural interests include judging and helping schools with science competitions, innovation to produce patentable ideas, and the promotion of science in the mass media.






Teaching Tips