Stakeholders Presentations: A Technical Presentation to a General Audience


  • Laura Ford University of Tulsa
  • Kerry L. Sublette



We added a presentation to the general public to our senior lab series to expand the range of audiences for communication.  The students attempt to convince a city council that their companies should be allowed to build plants with dangerous chemicals because the companies know the chemical hazards and will successfully protect the public and their workers.  This gives our students another opportunity to practice their presentation skills, with a twist of a non-technical audience. 

Author Biography

Kerry L. Sublette

Kerry L. Sublette, PhD, is Emeritus Sarkeys Professor of Environmental Engineering in the Russell School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Tulsa.  He chairs the annual International Petroleum Environmental Conference.  His research is in bioprocessing, bioremediation, brine spill remediation, and restoration of soil ecosystems.  He earned his PhD in chemical engineering at the University of Tulsa.  






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