An Integrated Course and Design Project in Chemical Process Design


  • David A. Rockstraw New Mexico State University
  • James Eakman University of Nebraska
  • Nick Nabours Eastman Chemical Company
  • Steven Bellner Eastman Chemical Company


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Author Biographies

David A. Rockstraw, New Mexico State University

David A. Rockstraw is Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at New Mexico State University. He received his BS from Purdue University in 1986, and his PhD from the University of Oklahoma in 1989, both in chemical engineering. He is actively engaged in process research at NMSU on projects involving micellar-enhanced electrodialysis, novel adsorption materials, biofilm growth modeling, secondary-heterogeneous crystallization, and solid acid catalysis.

James Eakman, University of Nebraska

James Eakman is Department Head of Chemical Engineering at the University of Nebraska. He received his BS with distinction in chemical engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1960 and his PhD from Minnesota in 1966. Prior to becoming Department Head at Nebraska, he was the Department Head at New Mexico State University (1992-1996).

Nick Nabours, Eastman Chemical Company

Nick Nabours is supervisor of Professional Employment and College Relations for Texas Eastman Division of Eastman Chemical Company. He is the immediate past president of the National Association of Colleges and Employers and has also served as president of the Southwest Association of Colleges and Employers. He remains active in all aspects of college relations.

Steven Bellner, Eastman Chemical Company

Steve Bellner is a Senior Chemical Engineer for the Texas Eastman Division of Eastman Chemical Company in Longview, Texas. He has over twelve years of experience in the areas of process synthesis and plant design, specializing in all aspects of process simulation. He holds a BS degree in chemical engineering from the University of Texas.