Outcomes Assessment Methods


  • Joseph A. Shaeiwitz West Virginia University


An introduction to the process of developing an outcomes assessment plan is presented.  An assessment plan contains a set of goals, measures of these goals, and feedback to the educational process.  The issues associated with goals development are discussed in the context of ABET Criteria 2000.  Seven established outcomes assessment measures are presented, their advantages and disadvantages are discussed, and suggestions are made regarding their implementation.  The difficulties associated with feedback in a typical academic environment are discussed.

Author Biography

Joseph A. Shaeiwitz, West Virginia University

Joseph A. Shaeiwitz received his degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware (BS, 1974) and Carnegie Mellon University (MS, 1976; PhD, 1978). He is currently Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at West Virginia University. His research interests are in design, design education, and outcomes assessment. He is coauthor of the text Analysis, Synthesis, and Design of Chemical Processes, published in 1998 by Prentice Hall.