On the Use of Software Tools for Chemical Engineering Education: Students' Evaluations


  • Abderrahim Abbas University of Bahrain
  • Nader Al-Bastaki University of Bahrain


During the last few semesters we have used a number of commercial software packages as teaching aids.  They include the process control training software Control Station, the process flowsheeting package HYSYS and  the general-purpose computational package Mathcad.  This paper presents our experience with and the students' evaluations of these programs.  Overall, the students' responses were highly favorable.

Author Biographies

Abderrahim Abbas, University of Bahrain

Abderrahim Abbas is Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Bahrain. He received his degrees from the University of Salford (BSc), University of Newcastle upon Tyne (MSc), and University of Bath (PhD), all in chemical engineering. His teaching and research interests are process systems engineering and reverse osmosis.

Nader Al-Bastaki, University of Bahrain

Nader AI-Bastaki is Associate Professor and Head of the ChE Department at the University of Bahrain. He received his BEng and MEng from McGill University and his PhD from UMIST. His teaching and research interests are separation processes and reverse osmosis.