A Solids Product Engineering Design Project


  • Dhermesh V. Patel The University of Sheffield
  • Agba D. Salman The University of Sheffield
  • Martin J. Pitt The University of Sheffield
  • M.J. Hounslow The University of Sheffield
  • I. Hayati The University of Sheffield


The design project forms an integral part of a undergraduate degree in chemical engineering accredited by the Institution of Chemical Engineers. Traditionally, the design project has been geared toward designing a theoretical, proven process to manufacture a commodity chemical. A recent design project showed that students are capable of taking an active role in an industrial design, not just of the plant but also of a product cream. Experimental measurements were taken to define product performance and to supplement the design.

Author Biographies

Dhermesh V. Patel, The University of Sheffield

Dhermesh V. Patel graduated with a first class degree in Chemical Process Engineering and Fuel Technology While at Sheffield University he received the British Coke Research Association Prize and the Vacation Work Prize. and was awarded the Mappin Medal for his outstanding final year performance.

Agba D. Salman, The University of Sheffield

Agba Salman is a Chartered Physicist. formerly with the Open University and now a Lecturer in Chemical and Process Engineering at the University of Sheffield. Both his teaching and research are concerned with particle technology He was the principal supervisor for the project.

Martin J. Pitt, The University of Sheffield

Martin J. Pitt is a Chartered Chemical Engineer, with industrial and academic experience, currently the Coordinator of Design Teaching in Chemical and Process Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

M.J. Hounslow, The University of Sheffield

Michael Hounslow has a doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Adelaide. He is currently Head of Department and leader of the Particle Products research group in Chemical and Process Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

I. Hayati, The University of Sheffield

lgan Hayati studied chemical engineering at Leeds University He then joined the Interface Science group at Imperial College and obtained his Ph.D. in 1985. He worked for ICl, Paints Division for three years and then joined the research Department at Borax in 1990. He is now responsible for new product development and new applications at Borax Europe.