Incorporation of Experimental Design in the Unit Operations Laboratory


  • Eric J. Doskocil University of Missouri


Summer School Poster Session Paper
In an attempt to provide the students with a more industrially meaningful experience when performing an experiment in the undergraduate Unit Operations Laboratory, design of experiment techniques have been combined with a current experiment to present a more "real world situation" to the student. Students choose three factors from a given list, determine which of the chosen factors have the greatest effect on a desired output response, and present their results to the class.

Author Biography

Eric J. Doskocil, University of Missouri

Eric J. Doskocil is Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He received his BS in 1994 from Florida State University and his PhD in 1999 from the University of Virginia. His research interests are in the area of solid heterogeneous catalysts, with current focuses on epoxidation and acid-base bifunctional catalysts.






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