Synthesis, Resourcefulness, and Effective Communication in Group Learning: Introduction to Biochemical Engineering


  • Tonya L. Peeples The University of Iowa


Summer School Poster Session Paper

Chemical engineering students must be able to analyze systems and synthesize solutions to problems in unfamiliar fields over the expanse of their engineering careers in an increasingly diverse employment environment. The course "Introduction to Biochemical Engineering" has been developed, assessed, and improved to address learning goals critical to such professional development. The inclusion of self-learning tools, open-ended design problems, poster presentations, and a laboratory experiment significantly enhanced the student learning experience. This training enabled students to develop analytical skills and to tackle complex problems in a team setting.

Author Biography

Tonya L. Peeples, The University of Iowa

Tonya L. Peeples is Associate Professor in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at the University of Iowa. She received her BS from North Carolina State University and her PhD from the Johns Hopkins University, all in chemical engineering. Her research includes biological and interracial catalysis with enzymes and microorganisms in extreme environments.






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