Freshman Design in ChE at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology


  • Sharon G. Sauer Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology


This course gives students a realistic experience of a practicing chemical engineer and the requirements to become one. The project-based approach, which requires preliminary design and economic analysis of a chemical plant, is used to achieve the learning goals. Through various homework and class assignments the students are required to apply the steps in engineering design, to participate in teams, and to solve open-ended problems where answers are obtained over weeks instead of minutes.

Author Biography

Sharon G. Sauer, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Sharon G. Sauer is Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at Rose-Hu/man Institute of Technology She has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Florida State University (1993) and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Rice University (2001 ). Before joining the faculty at Rose Hu/man, she worked for three years at Shell Oil Company in Houston, Texas.