VCM Process Design: An ABET 2000 Fully Compliant Project


  • Farid Benyahia United Arab Emirates University


A long experience in undergraduate vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) process design projects is shared in this paper. The VCM process design is shown to be fully compliant with ABET 2000 criteria by virtue of its abundance in chemical engineering principles, integration of interpersonal and interdisciplinary skills in design, safety, economics, and societal impacts as well as a balanced blend of individual and collaborative student input. The details and approach presented can be applied with modifications where appropriate in other chemical engineering departments.

Author Biography

Farid Benyahia, United Arab Emirates University

Farid Benyahia is currently an associate professor in chemical engineering at the United Arab Emirates University. He was previously senior lecturer in chemical engineering at Teesside University (UK) and post-doctoral research fellow at Leeds University (UK). He obtained his BSc from the University of Aston in Birmingham (UK) and his MSc and PhD from the University of Newcastle (UK). His process design experience, both industrial and academic spans a period of over 20 years.