Incorporating Molecular and Cellular Biology into a Chemical Engineering Degree Program


  • Kim C. O'Connor Tulane University


There is a growing need for a workforce that can apply engineering principles to molecular-based discovery and product development in the biological sciences. To this end, Tulane University established a degree program that incorporates molecular and cellular biology into the chemical engineering curriculum. In celebration of the tenth anniversary of its founding, the program is described as a reference for chemical engineering departments to address the demand for interdisciplinary training of graduate and undergraduate students. 

Author Biography

Kim C. O'Connor, Tulane University

Kim O'Connor is a Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Tulane University and is a graduate of Rice University (BS '82) and the California Institute of Technology (PhD '87). Her postdoctoral training is in molecular and cellular biology, and her research interests are cellular and tissue engineering. She founded and directs the Graduate Combined Degree Program, and was Co-Director and Interim Director of the Interdisciplinary MCB Program.