A Survey of the Graduate Thermodynamics Course in Chemical Engineering Departments across the United States


  • Sanjay K. Dube Tennessee Technological University
  • Donald P. Visco, Jr. Tennessee Technological University


In this work we conducted a survey of chemical engineering departments in the United States to determine the content of the graduate thermodynamics course offered at their institutions. From our survey, we found that 90% of the institutions require this course as part of the core curriculum. Other findings explore the textbooks used in this course and on the inclusion of statistical mechanics and/or electrolytes into the course content.

Author Biographies

Sanjay K. Dube, Tennessee Technological University

Sanjay K. Dube received his B. E. (Bachelor of Engineering) degree from the University of Mumbai in June 2001 and will receive his M.S. degree from Tennessee Technological University in August 2005. He is currently working as a process engineer at Alstom Power Environmental Control Systems. His research interests were in computational thermodynamics, particularly in the development of phase equilibrium calculation methods.

Donald P. Visco, Jr., Tennessee Technological University

Donald P. Visco, Jr., is an associate professor of chemical engineering and undergraduate program coordinator at Tennessee Technological University. He received his Ph.D. in 1999 from the University at Buffalo, SUNY. His research focuses on molecular design for the chemical-process and pharmaceutical industries.