Introduction to Studies in Granular Mixing


  • Marcos Llusa Rutgers University
  • Fernando Muzzio Rutgers University


This article describes a hands-on educational activity designed to introduce students (or industrial employees) in the pharmaceutical arena to some of the most common problems in the mixing of solids: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and lubricant (i.e. magnesium stearate) homogenization, characterization of segregation tendencies, and measurement of flowability (ability to flow) and density of blends. The students learn how to assess several properties of a formulation, how blender operating conditions affects them, and how they correlate with each other.

Author Biographies

Marcos Llusa, Rutgers University

Marcos Llusa joined the Chemical Engineering Department at Rutgers University under the Fulbright program. There, he completed his M.S. and his Ph.D., and now holds a postdoctoral research position. He has a B.S. in chemical engineering from the National University of Rio Cuarto, Argentina.

Fernando Muzzio, Rutgers University

Fernando Muzzio is the director of the new National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center on Structured Organic Particulate Systems. The center focuses on pharmaceutical product and process design. The FDA and 30 companies are currently partners. Professor Muzzio is a professor of chemical engineering at Rutgers University. For the last 15 years, pharmaceutical product and process design has been Professor Muzzio's main research and educational focus.