Active Learning in Fluid Mechanics: Youtube Tube Flow and Puzzling Fluids Questions


  • Christine M. Hrenya University of Colorado


Active-learning exercises appropriate for a course in undergraduate fluid mechanics are presented. The first exercise involves an experiment in gravity-driven tube flow, with small groups of students partaking in a contest to predict the experimental flow rates using the mechanical energy balance. The second exercise takes the form of an end-of-semester group project, in which groups are assigned puzzling questions in everyday fluids. Related materials are available for widespread, efficient use via the Internet.

Author Biography

Christine M. Hrenya, University of Colorado

Christine M. Hrenya received her degrees in chemical engineering from The Ohio State University (B.S.) and Carnegie Mellon University (Ph.D.), and is currently on faculty at the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado. Her research interests include granular and gas-solid flows, with an emphasis on polydispersity, cohesion, and instabilities.