Experiencing Process Plant Conditions Through a Pilot Plant-Based Laboratory Class





A practical for students to experience a process plant is presented, based on operating a solvent absorption plant for carbon dioxide capture. The student must operate the plant in assigned roles that closely identify with a chemical plant environment, to achieve specific performance targets. Students must overcome technical challenges that require them to translate their theoretical understanding into practical outcomes. This ensures students take ownership of the class and act semi-independently of the demonstrators.

Author Biographies

Colin A Scholes, The University of Melbourne

Colin A. Scholes CChem FRACI CEng MIChemE is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Melbourne. He is an expert in clean energy processing and membrane science, particularly developing strategies to assist the transition to a low carbon future. He is also a passionate engineering educator to people from disadvantage backgrounds. He has worked with disadvantaged communities in Australia and the Pacific on sustainable water and energy projects.

Guoping Hu

Guoping Hu is a Research Fellow in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Melbourne. He focuses on the deployment of research outcomes into industry in separation field, particularly gas separations using solvent absorption and solid adsorption. He is also keen on developing application-oriented teaching methods such as video teaching materials and industry case analysis.