Student-Created Homework Problems Based on YouTube Videos


  • Matthew W. Liberatore
  • David W.M. Marr
  • Andrew M. Herring
  • J. Douglas Way


Inspired by YouTube videos, students created homework problems as part of a class project. The project has been successful at different parts of the semester and demonstrated learning of course concepts. These new problems were implemented both in class and as part of homework assignments without significant changes. Examples from a material and energy balances course as well as a transport phenomena course demonstrated the breath of topic, rigor, and type of problem (concepts or calculations). Students using the YouTube homework problems for one section of material achieved improved grades on a single exam problem in a heat transfer course when compared with students completing textbook homework problems covering the same material. Surveys of participating students in 2012 showed that 88% of the students feel they learn from the student-written YouTube problems. Overall, a new method to develop homework problems can help faculty avoid using textbook problems repeatedly, whose solutions manuals are readily available on the Internet.