Alternatives to the Tenure Track


  • Taryn Melkus Bayles University of Pittsburgh


The number of PhDs awarded in chemical engineering is disproportionate with the number of tenure track positions available; an overview of the contributions that can be made by teaching-focused faculty is presented.  Statistics are provided for the number of chemical engineering faculty in the US by rank, position and gender.  Based on literature and experience, best practices are recommended for successful, mutually beneficial actions for teaching-focused engineering faculty and their administrative leadership.

Author Biography

Taryn Melkus Bayles, University of Pittsburgh

Taryn Bayles is a Teaching Track Professor, and Vice Chair of Undergraduate Education in the Chemical & Petroleum Engineering department at the University of Pittsburgh.  She has spent part of her career working in process engineering, computer modeling & control, process design & testing and engineering management with Exxon, Westinghouse, Phillips Petroleum, Sandia National Labs and PETC.  She has also spent over 20 years teaching Chemical Engineering at the UNR, Pitt, UMCP and UMBC.  Her research focuses on Engineering Education and Outreach and has received over $6.7M of NSF funding; the goal of this research is to increase awareness of and interest in pursuing engineering as a career, as well as to understand what factors help students be successful once they have chosen engineering as a major.






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