Old Walls


  • John Fritchey


Author Biography

John Fritchey

John Fritchey roamed the South Florida wilds as a youngster. He accompanied his father and grandfather who knew the Broward County area well from farming and working for other pioneers in the early 1900s, who gleaned a living from the natural bounty of South Florida. Throughout his life, he would listen and remember as the old-timers told of

their experiences in the area. John recorded many of these stories in his book, Everglades Journal. John has given the Pembroke Pines Historical Museum permission to print another one of his remembrances, “Old Walls” (dated 1976), taken from his original hand-written notes, which were edited by Gerry Witoshynsky. John Fritchey’s recollections were written in the dialect characteristic of early Twentieth Century Florida. Gerry was careful to retain this manner of speech. He lives now in Clarksville, Georgia, still a keen observer of nature’s handiwork!