Vol. 33 (2015)
Issue Description

Eliciting Liturgical Participation: The Southwest Vestibule Mosaic in Hagia Sophia, Katie Townsend

Evidence of Animistic Practice at Casa Grandes: Marine Shell and the Walk-in Well, Jennifer Clary

Constructing Cosmography: The Printed Image as a Visual Tool in Peter Apian’s Cosmographicus Liber, Alexandra Challenger

The Oratorians’ Icon: The Madonna Vallicelliana in Post-Tridentine Rome, Jeffrey Fraiman

Imitatio and Aemulatio: Reevaluating Aert de Gelder’s Self-Portrait as Zeuxis, Michele L. Frederick

Fashionable Modernity: Agency and Spectacle in James Tissot’s Portrait of the Marquise de Miramon, Maura Gleeson

Illuminating Addiction: Morphinomania in Fin de Siècle Visual Culture, Natalia Angeles Vieyra

Visual Irony and Racial Humor in Winslow Homer’s The Watermelon Boys, Margarita Karasoulas

The Battle Lines Were Drawn: The US Army’s Struggle to Publish World War I Combat Art, Ranelle Knight-Lueth

Silent Struggles: The Graphic Radicalism of the Woodcut Novel, Jennifer Camp

American Vernacular Art in 1938 Paris: Its Categorization and Reception at MoMA’s Three Centuries of American Art Exhibition, Caroline M. Riley
The Representation of Soviet Urbanscape as Alienation and Loneliness in Estonian Hyperrealist Paintings of the 1970’s, Christina Morandi

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