Vol. 29 (2011)
Issue Description

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Tauroctony: New Possibilities in the Worship of Mithras, Amy Yandek

Embodiments of Heat in the Iconography of Highland Maya Effigy Funerary Urns, Kathleen McCampbell

Matthew Paris’s Illustrated Life of Edward the Confessor: History for the Eyes and Ears of a Queen, Dierdre Carter

Dürer, Metallurgy, and Social Mobility, Andrew Robert Keast

Image as Relic: Moretto’s Funerary “Portrait” of Angela Merici, Anna Goodman

Permanent Devotion: Carlo Rainaldi and the Quarantore as Precursor to Santa Maria in Campitelli, Iara A. Dundas

Painting Instruction: C.W. Eckersberg and Artistic Labor in the Danish Golden Age, Leslie Anne Anderson

In Paint, Stone, and Memory: The Tomb of Titian and the Habsburg Dynasty, Juan Eugenio De La Rosa

Lady Killers and Lust-Murderers: The Lustmord Paintings of Weimar Germany, Stephanie Bender

El Arbol de la Fraternidad: Afro-Cyban Symbolism, Political Performance, and Urban Space in the Early Cuban Republic, Joe Hartman

The View from Out Here: Western Conceptual Art in the Moscow Conceptualist Imagination, Yelena Kalinsky

Farocki’s In-Formation: Silent Statistics and Stereotypes, Brianne Cohen 

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