Vol. 27 (2009)
Issue Description

Columns in Archaic Lakonian Vase Painting, Patrick Coleman

Rising from the Ashes: Domitian's Arae Incendii Neroniani in New Flavian Rome, Lea K. Cline

Viewing the Romance of Antichrist in the Miniatures of the Jour du Jugement MS Besançon 579, Karlyn Griffith

In the Hands of the Saint: Taddeo di Bartolo's St. Germinianus with Scenes from His Life, Brenna Graham

The Word Made Flesh: Sensory Experience and the Doubting Thomas in Italian Renaissance Art, Erin Benay

Drawing the Daguerreotype: The Print after the Photograph in Noël-Marie-Paymal Lerebours's Excursions Daguerriennes, Emily Ackerman

George Morgan, the Philadelphia Art Community, and the Redesign of the Silver Dollar, c.1876-82, Peter Clericuzio

Spirit and Space: Architecture and Expressions of German Identity in Metropolis and the Weissenhofsiedlung, Stacy Schwartz

Grant Wood and the Visual Culture of Agribusiness, Travis E. Nygard

Vija Celmins, Strategies of Negation, and the Trauma of Representation, Dustin Chad Alligood

Hill to Bay, Land and Water: Christo and Jeanne-Claude and American Environmentalism, Jobyl A. Boone

Art and Architecture of Anomabo, Ghana: A Case Study in Cultural Flow, Courtnay Micots

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