Vol. 24 (2006)
Issue Description

Wicked Wives: The Animate Vulva, Social Satire, and Fear of a Female Pilgrim, Jennifer Naumann

Portrait of the Artist as Michelangelo: Maarten van Heemskerck’s Self-Portrait with the Colosseum, Michael P. Kemling

Guaman Poma’s Illustrated Khipus: Signs of Literacy, Emblems of Colonial Semiosis, Lauren Grace Kilroy

Visualizing and Textualizing Algeria: Description and Prescription as a Strategy for Redefinition, Stassa B. Edwards

Dancing in the Street: George Luk’s Spielers, Ellery Foutch

The Memorial to Peter: A Social Investigation within the Politics of German Memory and the Great War, Karen Shelby

The Coloring of Jazz: Race and Record Cover Design in American Jazz, 1950 to 1970, Carissa Kowalski Dougherty

Satire in subREAL and the Prevalent Monolithic Western View in the Beyond Belief and After the Wall Exhibitions, Izabel Anca Galliera

Puppetry of the Penis: A Deconstruction of the Phallus as Weapon, Claire L. Kovacs

Between the Graphic and Tectonic: Architecture, Mapping and Topography in Rimer Cardillo’s Works, Viktoria Villanyi

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