Vol. 19 (2001)
Issue Description

Piety and Propaganda: John I Tzimiskes and the Invention of Class “A” Anonymous Folles, Jeremy J. Johnson

White-robed Guanyin: The Sinicization of Buddhism in China Seen in the Chinese Transformation of Avalokiteshvara in Gender, Iconography, and Role, Jeong-Eun Kim

Mannerist Staircases: A Twist in the Tale, Valerie Ficklin

Identity Politics in Renaissance France: Cellini’s Nymph of Fontainebleau, Katherine Marsengill

The Body and Its Manifestation in the Andean World: Corporality, Simulacrum, and Image, Samantha Kelly

Inventing the Past: The Representation of Florida in Picturesque America, Elizabeth B. Heuer

The Uncanny Memories of Architecture: Architectural Works by Rebecca Horn and Rachel Whiteread, Alla Myzelev

Lorna Simpson’s Public Sex Series: The Voyeuristic Presence and the Embodied Figure’s Absence, Nicole De Armendi

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