Vol. 17 (1999)
Issue Description

Symbiotic Relationships: Abbot Suger and the Capetian Monarch at Saint-Denis, Elizabeth S. Hudson

Sacred Receptacle and Sign of the Gods: Human Hand Imagery in the Art of the American Southwest, Julia Stephens May

Legendary Penance: Donatello’s Wooden Magdalen, Kelly Barnes-Oliver

Lux Mundi: The Vault Mosaic in the Cappella S. Elena, S. Croce in Gerusalemme, Rome, Cynthia A. Payne

Domenico Guidi’s Papal Portriats: A Point of Departure for Baroque Eclecticism, James F. Peck

Portraits of Madwomen: Another Look at Dr. Hugh Welch Diamond’s Photographs of the Insane Female in Victorian England, Shari Addonizio

The Creation of Le Corbusier’s “Primitivistic” Regional Style: a Study in Resolved Dialectic Oppositions, Irene Nero

Calligraphy as Image in Japanese Abstract Art, Ginger Russell

Not For Sale: Yoko Ono’s Discounted Advertising Art, Kevin Concannon

Effacing Difference: Larry Rivers’ History of Matzah (The Story of the Jews), Samantha Baskind

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