Vol. 10 (1991)
Issue Description

Atalanta Fugiens: The Alchemical King in Transformation, Catherine Morris Westcott

The Importance of Palladio’s Villas for Seventeenth-Century France, Susan Davis Baldino

The Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art Market: The Influence of Economics on Artistic Production, Thomas M. Bayer

The John Foster Gravestone, K. O’Neil

Contours of Conflict: “The Giaour” in Bryon and Delacroix, Kimberly J. Smith

A Positivist Reading of Labrouste’s Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève, Sherry Piland

Exhibitionism and Skoptophilla: Fischl’s Sleepwalker, Martha Culliton

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