Vol. 8 (1989)
Issue Description

Forgery, Invention and Propaganda: Factors behind the Production of the Guthlac Roll (British Museum Harley Roll Y.6), Kimberly Kelly

Rombouts’ David and Abigail in the Florida State University Gallery: An Allegory of Deliverance, Nan Currence

The Bear-Mother Theme: Exploring the Narrative in Haida Argillite, E. Michael Whittington

George Inness, Jr.’s Art of the Spiritual: The Only Hope, Jane Bowie Mattson

The Quest of Beauty: LaFarge and Tiffany and American Stained Glass, Janice Ford-Freeman

Picasso’s Illustrations for Iliazd in Context, Mary E. Murray

Jacaltec Maya Ethnicity and Acculturation as Viewed through Their Backstrap Woven Hairsashes, Carol Ventura

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