Vol. 4 (1985)
Issue Description

Problems in Interpreting the Form and Meaning of Mesoamerican Temple Platforms, Richard B. Wright

A Possible Source for Botticelli’s Venus, Cheryl Sumner

The Symbolism of Time in the Medici Chapel, Kathy Z. Gillis

Stylistic and Scientific Influences on the Magni Mogolis Imperium, Nancy L. Gustke

Fuseli and Lavater: The Personification of Character, Jean Turner

Henry Ives Cobb: Forgotten Innovator of the Chicago School, Karin M. E. Alexis

Munich Stained Glass and Jesuit Iconography in the Sacred Heart Church of Tampa, Florida, Alice L. H. Correa

The Synthesis of Tradition and Innovation in Japanese Oil Painting of the Taisho Era, 1912-1926, Sharon H. Collins

Shamanic Parallels in the Thunder Deity Shango: from Yoruba, to Cuba and on to Miami, Mercedes A. Quiroga

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