Vol. 3 (1983)
Issue Description

The Florida State Museums Eagle: A Glimpse of South Florida’s Prehistoric Art, Alice Gates Schwehm

The Condottiere Raimondino De’Lupi, His Tomb and Its Influence on the Memorials of Other Condottiere in the Veneto, Mary D. Edwards

A Study of an Unpublished Book of Hours in the Library of Calvary Episcopal Church, Louisville, Kentucky, Larry W. Forrest

Michelangelo’s Method of Composition in the Battle of Cascina,  Bernadine Barnes

Russell Sturgis: A Search for the Modern Aesthetic - Going beyond Ruskin, Karin M. E. Alexis

Vitality in American Still-Life: The Flowers of Martin Johnson Heade and Georgia O’Keeffe, Karol Ann Lawson

Frank H. Taylor – 19th Century Art-Journalist as Seen through His Sketches of a Trip with General U.S. Grant in 1880, Nancy L. Gustke

Vincent Van Gogh: The Search for Style at Saint-Rémy, Denise Most Gerson

The Paintings within Picasso’s Paintings, Jody Blake

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