The Impact of Laban Movement Analysis on Dentistry


  • Mariella Celine Marfori University of Florida
  • Joan D. Frosch University of Florida



Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Dental Practitioners, Passive Warm-Up


A summer internship at my father’s pediatric dental office allowed an opportunity for me to connect my dance knowledge with a respected health profession. In observation, the dental practitioners’ limited, static movements were hindering the overall performance of their work. With the concepts of the Bartenieff Fundamentals and BESS (body, effort, shape, and space), I created an exercise regimen specifically designed to target the working muscles of dental practitioners. An allocation of 2-3 minutes of breath exercises and various stretches prior to patient care will warm-up the working muscles. The integration of specific breathing activates the peripheral nervous system and could resolve injuries, such as back pain (Valachi, 2018). Chairside stretches performed during any dental procedure will alleviate pain, reverse the operator posture, and target tight muscles (Valachi, 2018). Implementing various strength exercises with the utilization of a TheraBand after patient care will also aid in injury prevention and help in “maintaining optimal postures in prolonged, static postures” (Valachi, 2018).  As a result, a consistent practice of this exercise regimen will assist in the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, allowing for dental practitioners to produce happy, healthy, and meaningful work.


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