Methods, Techniques and Approaches to Post-War Architectural Reconstruction


  • Hana Cicevic University of Florida



War architecture, Reconstruction, Renovation


This Research explores similarities and differences between techniques and approaches to post-war architectural reconstruction. An overview of various different social, political and cultural difficulties and obstacles that architects needed to consider while making adequate design proposals will be presented and discussed. Moreover, the Research focuses on greater public reaction, understanding and acceptance of new design solutions, especially considering the population who are intimately and emotionally connected with the pre-war design.

The main empirical method is through case studies, examining a variety of different architectural structures that were reconstructed following the armed conflicts. Moreover, the Research is not limited to a single time period or a single geographical zone; it will analyze and synthesize findings from various different cultural and regional environments. Case studies will include examination of Dresden Frauenkirche (Germany), Atomic Bomb Dome (Japan), Neues Museum (Germany) and Cadiz Castle (Spain).

The Study strives to extract the guiding principles of reconstruction, sorting them into several different overall techniques: faithful reconstruction, intervention, patching and passive monument creation. However, the Research does not favor one technique over the other, instead it offers a critical overview of their implementation and suitability for reconstruction by considering given cultural and social circumstances.

Author Biography

Hana Cicevic, University of Florida

Undergraduate, School of Architecture


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