Case Study Investigations and Design-Build Proposal near Gisenyi, Rwanda


  • Ana Alice McIntosh University of Florida College of Design Construction and Planning



undergraduate research, architecture, design-build, public interest design


This research evaluates architectural responses to peacebuilding and modernization in Rwanda since the 1994 genocide. It proposes a collection of case studies and analyzes the effectiveness of architectural methods that respond to specific programs while maintaining a sensitivity to the political and cultural climate. It identifies the conceptual and practical logic behind design through the selection of local material, empowering unskilled workers, responding to the context, and establishing a positive relationship with members of the community. As an additional frame of reference, this research analyzes the design-build pedagogy at the University of Florida School of Architecture to understand practical implication in Rwanda. These projects collectively serve as a reference for proposing a small-scale design-build initiative with local Rwandan members of a pottery and dance cooperative in Gisenyi, Rwanda, where the University of Florida Arts in Medicine Program has identified a need for improving and building upon the existing facilities. 

Author Biography

Ana Alice McIntosh, University of Florida College of Design Construction and Planning

Undergraduate Student

UF School of Architecture


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