Goal Lifecycle Networks For Robotics


  • Mark Roberts The US Naval Research Laboratory
  • Laura M. Hiatt
  • Vivint Shetty
  • Benjamin Brumback
  • Brandon Enochs
  • Piyabutra Jampathom




Goal Reasoning, Goal Lifecycle, Temporal Planning


A Goal Lifecycle Network (GLN) is a conceptual process model that captures the progression of goals from their formulation to their completion, including planning and execution concerns. GLNs synthesize the literature on hierarchical goal networks, goal lifecycles, and plan execution. We formalize GLNs based on a state-variable representation, extend GLNs with an execution lifecycle, describe a partial reference implementation of GLNs, and show how the temporal PDDL language can be translated into GLNs for dispatchable execution. We integrate GLNs in three proof-of-concept robotics demonstrations: (1) a two-armed robot sorting items into baskets; (2) a multi-vehicle quad-rotor team surveying a region; and (3) centralized planning for a simulated disaster relief based on the Robocup Rescue League. The theory, implementation, and demonstrations highlight that GLNs are effective for goal management in the robotics systems we study.




How to Cite

Roberts, M., Hiatt, L. M., Shetty, V., Brumback, B., Enochs, B., & Jampathom, P. (2021). Goal Lifecycle Networks For Robotics. The International FLAIRS Conference Proceedings, 34. https://doi.org/10.32473/flairs.v34i1.128553



Special Track: Autonomous Robots and Agents