The Empirical Evaluation of Semantic Alignment Quality Metrics for Vehicle Domain Component Frameworks Interface Ontologies


  • Sangita De Doktorandin
  • Premek Brada Asst. Professor
  • Juergen Mottok
  • Michael Niklas AUTOSAR Project Leader, AUTOSAR Steering Committee



Ontology, semantic, interoperability, alignment, metrics, reasoner, inferred, ontology mediator, interface, application SWC, frameworks, SPARQL


Semantic alignment of application software components’ ontologies represents a great interest in vehicle application domains that manipulate heterogeneous overlapping knowledge application frameworks. In the past few years, with the growth in the novel vehicle service requirements such as autonomous driving, V2X (Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication) and many others, automotive application software component models are becoming increasingly collaborative with other qualified cross-enterprise industrial partners to accomplish these complex service requirements. The most daunting impediment to this cross-enterprise collaboration is semantic interoperability. For efficient services collaboration through cross-enterprise semantic interoperability between the vehicle application frameworks’ software components, aligning the interface ontologies of these components by identifying the depth of semantic alignment relationships between the concepts of the interface ontologies is the major focus of this paper. In contrast to several existing ontology structural metrics, this work defines, evaluates and validates ontology metrics to measure the depth of semantic alignment between the vehicle domain software component frameworks’ interface ontological models. To emphasize the substantial role of semantic alignment of software component frameworks’ interface ontologies in semantic interoperability, a typical vehicle domain case study involving vehicle applications is considered for demonstration.

Author Biographies

Sangita De, Doktorandin

Doktorandin, Continental AG, Regensburg, Germany

Premek Brada, Asst. Professor

Asst. Professor,Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Applied Sciences
University of West Bohemia

Pilsen, CZ

Juergen Mottok

Professor, LaS3, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
OstBayerische Technical University(OTH),Regensburg
Regensburg, Germany

Michael Niklas, AUTOSAR Project Leader, AUTOSAR Steering Committee

AUTOSAR Project Leader , AUTOSAR Steering Committee Continental AG, Regensburg,Germany




How to Cite

De, S., Brada, P., Mottok, J., & Niklas, M. (2021). The Empirical Evaluation of Semantic Alignment Quality Metrics for Vehicle Domain Component Frameworks Interface Ontologies. The International FLAIRS Conference Proceedings, 34.



Special Track: Semantic, Logics, Information Extraction and AI