United Nations vs. Humanity


  • Hajra Akram Florida Atlantic University


The United Nations (UN), as an international body of law, serves to maintain peace and security. Despite the UN's beginning in 1945, there have been countless genocides and a lack of peace within this world up to the present day. Different countries' involvement within peace councils, the power to veto, and member state's personal agendas, have affected the implementation of international law. The current Uyghur Muslims, who are being stripped of their human rights by China, are proof of this unrest and failure to maintain peace and security by the UN. The failure indicated that the UN is unfit to uphold international law or even to demand accountability for a state 's actions outside and within their borders. Thus, it is necessary to push for countries internationally to redefine the structure of the UN or perhaps to replace it with a new system of international law that does not tolerate the violation of human rights.