The Government’s Role in Protecting Citizens from Psychological Harm


  • Alisha Motiwala Florida Atlantic University


Capitalism in the United States has created economic obsession regarding the profit of businesses. Industries will go to great lengths to ensure that they receive a sizable profit. These industries use the insecurities of society to plant instability within customers to best promote their products and increase sales. However, the government is responsible for protecting citizens from harm, which includes the psychological harm caused by industries. Not only are customers psychologically harmed as a byproduct of capitalism, but employees are also psychologically harmed through this process. The prevalence of workplace stress and mental illness is only increasing in the United States. Seeing that it is a responsibility of the government, they need to construct regulations that manage how industries treat their customers and employees. To restore the damage that these corporations have caused, it would be in the best interest of the government to incorporate proper mental health resources within the industrial environment.